Chapter One.2


     Joy finished loading the breakfast dishes into dishwasher and turned it on. She gave the Oak table and granite counter one last swipe for crumbs. Joy gave her state-of-the art kitchen one last glance to make sure all was in order. She walked through the richly appointed dining room into the foyer, where she leaned against the balustrade to recheck the beach bag she had already packed with towels, drinks, and snacks. All the while she was thinking of Daniel. She loved him more than anything in the world, and found him extremely attractive. But even after six years of marriage she still found herself intimidated by him sexually. It wasn’t that he didn’t turn her on; that really was not the problem. She found herself incredibly aroused by Daniel, she didn’t know how to let go and just go with it. Not that he’d ever complained, she thought as she made her way through their spacious home. No, Daniel was the epitome of patience.

     Breaking her out of her internal soliloquy, Daniel walked down the sweeping staircase and stood in front of her. “What has you in such deep thought?”

     Joy looked down coyly. “I’m just making sure the house is in order. You know how I hate coming home to a mess.”

     “You don’t know the meaning of a mess.” He rolled his eyes playfully. “You keep this house neater than a convent. Not that I’m complaining, you do a wonderful job of keeping this house and our lives in order. I just wish I could get you to relax a little bit and let me take care of you for a change.”

     Slipping her arms around his waist, she murmured into his chest, “maybe we can splurge and open a bottle of wine tonight after Ben goes to bed. I’m sure that would go a long way to letting you take care of me.”

     Stroking her back up and down with his hand, “You’re on Mrs. Jamison. Now I can’t wait for the day to pass so I can spend the night with you.”

     Joy cautiously brought her hands up to slip under Daniel’s tee shirt. She felt his gasp of indrawn breath as her hands wandered over his abdomen, up his ribs, and finally up to his chest. His mornings at the gym showed as she felt his well-sculpted body. This was the body she found extremely sexy; the body that she found herself day-dreaming over. She just wished she had the guts to be more physical with Daniel; she knew how much he wanted it, but something just held her back.

     Daniel groaned as he bent down to kiss her on the neck. “Mm, Joy. I could spend all day long with your hands on my body. I just wish we found more time for stuff like this.

     Joy flushed with a sheen of perspiration all over her body. “If it were up to you, we would be spending all our time like this.”

     Daniel’s lips were still pressed against her neck, so she could feel them curve into a smile. “Well we are going to have to make sure my wish come true, and I mean sometime soon. I have half a mind to park Ben in front of his favorite movie and have my way with you.”

     Joy backed away shyly. “Well, you could try, but I don’t think Ben would fall for it, and you do want my ‘devoted’ attention, I assume. So you are going to have to be just a little bit patient.” She said with a smile on her face.

     “I will have you tonight.” Daniel said with a certainty that caused Joy to blush all over again. Luckily, Ben picked this time to barrel down the stairs to hurry his parents into leaving for their fun day.


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Stay-at-home wife and mother of two. Senior student at Old Dominion University obtaining Bachelor's in Nursing and Bachelor's in Psychology. Favorite activities include reading, crocheting, and needlework, and of course writing.
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