Chapter Two

Man, it’s hotter than hell out here, thought Joy, as twin rivulets of sweat trailed between her breasts into her bathing suit top. She, Daniel, and Ben had a great day splashing and playing at the water park. Now the day was ending, and Joy just wanted to go home and shower the day away and make a light dinner for them.

Why did Daniel have to shower before leaving the park? This is one area that they never agreed upon. She preferred to wait and shower in the privacy of her own bathroom and Daniel preferred to shower before leaving the park. And since Ben did everything that daddy did, he showered there as well. This is why she got stuck in the stifling locker room; she had to be here for when Ben came out before Daniel finished.

It was absolutely airless in the locker room area. She blew away droplets of sweat dripping down her face. The squeals of children and the splashing of water could be heard under the chatter of people and the clanging of lockers. The air may be absent, but the smells of chlorine and sunscreen were a powerful perfume.

Several groups of people moved past Joy and jostled her from her reverie. She tried to back out of everyone’s way, only to find the grip on her upper arm of a strong hand propelling her into a private stall in the men’s changing room.

In downright outrage, Joy jerked her arm away. “Hey, what in the he–” Joy started to say until a large hand clamped down over her mouth, cutting her off. It smelled of sweat and car exhaust, like its owner had toiled over manual labor.

Joy felt the cool steel jab in the side of her neck. “Make a sound, I slit your throat,” a deep voice rasped in her ear. Feeling the sharp point of the knife digging into her flesh, Joy was paralyzed with fear. The hand left her mouth to pull away her towel and yank down her bathing suit bottoms. Fear unraveled in the pit of her stomach as he kicked apart her feet and shoved her against the wall. Just as she had thrown up her arms to catch herself against the wall, she felt the searing pain as he forced his penis into her vagina. She groaned involuntarily, and felt the blade cut into her neck. Fearing that he would indeed slit her throat, she dared not make another sound. She felt like he would never be done, her arms and legs shook uncontrollably. Tears slid down her face. She felt a familiar ache in her lower abdomen and vagina, and a strong shudder that left her gaping in shock.

Feeling a breeze, Joy looked around wildly to find that she was now alone, the door banging open and several men gaping at her. Joy’s face was flaming in humiliation, she slammed the door shut and locked it. She shakily found her bottoms and put them back on. She wrapped her towel tightly around her and slid slowly down the wall onto the floor. She couldn’t believe just what happened; she couldn’t believe any of it.


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Stay-at-home wife and mother of two. Senior student at Old Dominion University obtaining Bachelor's in Nursing and Bachelor's in Psychology. Favorite activities include reading, crocheting, and needlework, and of course writing.
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