Chapter Two.2

     As Joy sat there, the thoughts seemed to fly around in her head. How would she explain this to Daniel? How would she get up off this floor, much less get past the people outside the locker room? Oh my God, I’ve just been raped. This last thought stopped her cold. It was rape, wasn’t it?

     A knock on the door startled her from her thoughts. “Ma’am? My name is Gerald and I am a security guard here at the park. A couple of patrons summoned me as they thought you might be in need of assistance.”

     Joy scurried up from the floor. “NO. I mean, no, I don’t need any assistance. There has been a big misunderstanding. I just need to find my family so we can go home.”

     Joy stood shakily as she heard murmuring outside the stall. “Ma’am? My name is Dotty and I am the first aid nurse. I am really concerned you’re hurt and would like to take a look at you. We’ve cleared out the area back here and it’s just Gerald and me. How about you come out and let me see how you’re doing?”

     Joy hesitantly cracked the door to see a portly older man in a security guard uniform, and a heavy-set woman with bright red hair in scrubs. Not seeing anyone else, she parted the door a bit more. The security guard was looking anywhere but in her direction, his discomfort obvious.

     The nurse was startled upon first seeing Joy. “Oh hon, your neck. Come over here and sit down so I can take a closer look at that. Gerald, you need to call for an ambulance and Williamstown PD.” She said this as she gently directed Joy over to a bench to sit on. “You have a goodly sized cut on your neck and I want to check it to see if it is still bleeding and needs pressure.” She gloved up, got out some four by fours, and a penlight. She found the cut was still trickling blood, so she applied pressure with the gauze.

     Joy squirmed under the nurse’s care. “Really, I’m find. I just need to find my family so we can go home.”

     The nurse sighed. “Honey, you have obviously been attacked. An ambulance and the police are on the way. You say you have family here?”

     Joy stilled at the mention of her family. “Yes, my husband, Daniel Jamison, and our son, Ben. I am sure they are quite worried looking for me.”

     Dotty turned to the security guard. “Gerald, can you check and see if her family is looking for her?” Turning back to Joy, she leaned down and asked quietly, “Are you hurt anywhere else?”

     Joy flushed in shame and whispered, “down there” to the nurse. This caused the nurse to cluck in sympathy, which made Joy feel an even deeper sense of shame.

     Gerald called back, “I can check on her family, but the ambulance is here. She’s back here fellas.”

     There was a flurry of activity as two EMT’s rolled a stretcher in the locker room. The area became even further congested as the police arrived. The EMT’s guided Joy to the stretcher and took out equipment to take her vital signs.

     “Does anybody know if my family is aware of what is going on?” Joy asked in a small voice.

     A line-backer sized detective with dark hair and a mustache walked up to Joy. “Mrs. Jamison, your husband had already been inquiring about you and has been made aware of your situation and will be meeting you at the hospital. Is there anything you can tell me that will aid in my investigation?”

     Joy looked down. “He’s white. A few inches taller than I am. Smells strongly of sweat. Very strong. He has a big knife. He was behind me the whole time, so there is not much I can tell you that will help in an identification.”

     The detective patted Joy’s hand, making her jump. “That’s just fine, Mrs. Jamison. Every piece of evidence helps. Now you go with these EMT’s and let them take care of you. I can assure you my men and I will be working hard to apprehend this predator. I will be by the hospital to get your formal statement.”

     Joy reluctantly sat back on the stretcher as the EMT’s strapped her in and filled out their paperwork. They asked her questions and she answered woodenly. In the back of her mind was the inexplicable fact that she had had an orgasm while being raped. This thought shamed her beyond belief; who did that? As they rolled her out to the ambulance, a tear slid down her face. She hated these feelings of shame and helplessness. And she felt stupid, so very stupid for not being aware of her surroundings and letting this happen.


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