Chapter Five

Joy woke suddenly in the middle of the night feeling slightly disoriented. Then the memories worked their way to the surface. Needing to do something, she got up, grabbed her wine glass and quietly made her way through their bedroom. Daniel was snoring softly. She made her way down the expansive staircase that had made her fall in love with the house on first glance. Once in the kitchen, she rinsed out her glass and left it in the sink. Getting a clean on, she poured a full glass of her favorite pinot grigio; so crisp and clean tasting. Taking it into the family room, she climbed into the large rocker recliner and used the clicker to look for anything interesting on TV. She settled on a shopping channel that was showcasing jewelry, and sat back to drink her wine.

After calling to purchase a pendant and a pair of earrings, she was out of wine and needed very much to fink another channel to watch. She surfed the channels until she landed on a movie from the nineties she had seen several times before. Getting up to get more wine, the light in the kitchen suddenly clicked on, startling her so she dropped her glass. It shattered around her feet and her anxiety shot sky high.

“Joy, don’t move. Let me sweep the glass so you don’t cut your feet.” Daniel moved quickly, gently sweeping the glass away from Joy and then using a hand-vac to suck up any shards he may have missed.

Finally able to move, Joy got another glass and poured more wine. “What’re you doing up Daniel? you scared the hell out of me.” She took a sip of wine with a shaking hand.

“I woke and just sensed you weren’t there. I was worried about you; I didn’t mean to scare you. There is blood on top of your left foot, let me take a look at it.” He pulled out a kitchen chair and motioned for her to lift her foot into his lap.

Using the kitchen island to balance, Joy lifted up her foot for Daniel to examine. “I don’t feel anything; it must be shallow.”

“It is, and there’s no glass in it so it just needs a bit of antibiotic ointment and a Band-Aid.” He said as he set her foot back on the floor and went to the drawer where Joy kept odds and ends. Getting what he needed he came back and ministered to her foot. “I hope a spongebob Band-Aid doesn’t clash with you outfit tomorrow.” He said with a chuckle. “How long have you been up?”

“Not that long. Just couldn’t sleep. I thought a glass of wine and a little boring television would help make me sleepy again. Guess I’m up for good now.” She glanced at her foot to avoid Daniel’s gaze.

“Why don’t you get your glass and I’ll turn off the TV and we can go up to bed. Maybe just some company will help you fall asleep again.” Daniel said as he turned off the TV.

“Are you offering to bore me to sleep?” Joy asked with a bit of tease in her voice.

“You know I’ll do anything for you.” Daniel chuckled as they both headed back up to the bedroom.

Joy climbed into their four poster canopied bed under the down coverlet. She laid back against a couple of plush down pillows. Daniel got in on his side and sat up as well.

“Give me a slug of that.” Daniel said as he reached for her wine glass. “So did you hit the shop at home network again?”

“Just a tad. I turned the station before I could do too much damage.” Joy said as she accepted her glass back, taking a sip as she did.

“Did something in particular wake you up?” Daniel asked with concern.

“No, but when I did wake up I was wide awake and knew I would not go back to sleep on my own.” Joy continued to drink her wine, sharing it with Daniel as she spoke.

“You know Joy; you can wake me if you can’t sleep. It’s one of the benefits of not only having a husband, but also a husband that’s a psychotherapist. I want to be here for you, and support you through whatever you may need.” Daniel said quietly, locking gazes with Joy.

Joy looked into Daniel’s eyes, knowing she could trust him with her life. But she could never share her secret with him. Her humiliation would be second to the pain it would cause him. With this thought, she broke the eye contact and swallowed the last of the wine. “I think it’s going to take some time and distance from this incident before I can even speak of it. It’s just too much.” Joy became teary as she said this.

Daniel touched her shoulder. “I want to give you a hug. Would that be okay?”

Joy nodded and leaned into Daniel’s embrace. Daniel held back as he didn’t want to scare Joy away; he wanted her to be able to accept comfort from him and this was a beginning. They lay this way until Daniel could tell by her breathing that Joy had fallen back asleep. With that, he closed his own eyes.


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Stay-at-home wife and mother of two. Senior student at Old Dominion University obtaining Bachelor's in Nursing and Bachelor's in Psychology. Favorite activities include reading, crocheting, and needlework, and of course writing.
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