Chapter Six

Once at the police station, Joy and Jeremy were shown to a conference room. Several minutes later Detective Mullins entered the room and took a seat at the head of the table. He placed a tape recorder on the table, noting the date and the time and the people present in the room.

“Mrs. Jamison, let me express how sorry I am for what you had to go through yesterday. I know this is uncomfortable for you; just take your time and start when you feel ready. Try to include all the details you can remember.” The detective said with an authoritarian voice.

“Okay. I was waiting outside the locker room for Daniel and Ben to finish up. I was jostled by a group of people, and at the same time the man grabbed my arm hard, shoved me into the stall, where he told me, “make a sound, I slit your throat.” He had a knife at my throat, and he used his other hand to jerk away my towel and pull down my bottoms. He roughly shoved me against the wall, and that is when he did it. I inadvertently made a noise, and that is when he shoved the knife into my neck. He finished and fled; I didn’t get any look at him as when I looked around he was gone. That is about the gist of it.” Joy sat back relieved, having told the tale, for the most part.

“Was there anything about him you could perhaps identify?”

“His voice, his smell; I’m sorry, there is nothing concrete.” Joy squirmed with the continued questioning.

“Can you elaborate on exactly how he got you into that stall?”

Joy recounted precisely what she had told Jeremy that morning.

“Okay, Joy. That’s fine. Now I am going to share with you where the investigation is going. In his hurry to flee the scene, the perpetrator lost the knife he used and it was recovered with a fingerprint in blood, I’m sure it is your blood, on the blade. It is a partial thumbprint and the state lab is working with it this morning to try and get an ID. If he is in the system, we will know by this afternoon. Given how old his information is, we can possibly have him in custody in the next seventy-two hours.

“Well, that is absolutely wonderful news, right Joy?” Jeremy prompted.

“Sure, great news if he’s in your system. Is there anything else?” Joy said woodenly.

“No, Mrs. Jamison. We’ll be in touch if there is any news. Thanks for coming in this morning.”

As they all stood to leave, Joy remembered to ask Detective Mullins, “Detective, are you familiar with Deanna Johnson?”

“Yes, she is very good at what she does. I recommend you give her a call.” He said as he left the room.

Daniel walked in on the tail end of this. “I guess you need to make a phone call.”


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