Chapter Six.3

“I don’t really understand, Detective Mullins. How am I supposed to identify him by is voice? He can change it to make himself sound different. And honestly, everything happened so quickly I may not remember how his voice sounds.” Joy looked at the detective in exasperation.

“Look, we just try, Mrs. Jamison. We have his fingerprint in your blood on the knife. We have the DNA from the semen from the rape kit that will identify him as our rapist. You can obviously not make an identification of his face, but maybe you will recognize his voice. Every little bit helps your case.” The detective looked to Daniel, Jeremy, and mostly to Joy, with a beseeching look on his face.

“Joy’s main concern is mis-identifying a subject.” Jeremy said. “I have to admit that I’m a bit concerned about that as well. The prosecution could really use that against us.”

“The ADA is aware of this ID this morning and fully supports it. He’s a pretty good spin-doctor.” The detective added. “There is no pressure on you, Joy. If you ID him, great. If you don’t, we don’t lose anything.”

“I don’t know.” Joy stated. “I guess I can try.”

“Okay, Joy, this is great. We have the phrase he said to you is ‘make a sound, I slit your throat.’ Is that how you remember it Joy?”

Joy bit her lower lip. “Yes, that is what he said.”

“Okay, give us a few minutes to set things up, and then we’ll do this.” The detective said and then left the room.

“I need to use the restroom before we go in there.” Joy said.

Jeremy found out where the facilities were from an officer and showed them to Joy.

Once Joy was in the washroom with the door locked, she sat on the toilet and rested her head on her lap. After a few moments, she sat back up and got two Xanax out of her purse. She had yet to feel much, if any, effect from the others she had taken. She stood and swallowed them down with some sink water. Looking at her refection in the mirror, she felt shame for the lie she was keeping to herself. She couldn’t believe her relief when the detective had not accused her of with-holding information. She just needed to get through this ID and then get the hell out of this police station.

As she was making her way back to the conference room, Detective Mullins intercepted her, indicating they were ready for her.

“What about Daniel and Jeremy?”

“Jeremy is already back there waiting for you, but Daniel will have to wait here.”

They walked to a room that was dark with a large window in it. She saw that there were five men in the other room, and started to panic before she realized that this was the one-way mirror. Jeremy was waiting for her. “Joy, they cannot see or hear you, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

There was another man in the room, taller than Jeremy but skinny with dark hair and glasses. He, too, wore a suit and had a briefcase. He was introduced by the detective as ADA Paul Stevens. Behind him Joy saw yet another man, older and portly, but wearing a very expensive suit. She was introduced to him as well but all she caught was ‘defense attorney.’ Jeremy walked around to block out the defense attorney’s visage from Joy.

“Okay Joy, we are going to have each one walk forward and have him say the phrase. Listen carefully and let us know if anyone stands out to you.” Detective Mullins said.

The first man approached the glass and said, “Make a sound; I slit your throat.” Joy shook her head no as he stepped back.

The same happened wit the second man.

When the third man said “make a sound; I slit your throat,” Joy felt goose bumps all over her body and bile rise in her throat. She stood abruptly with tears in her eyes. “That’s him; that’s him.” Jeremy put a protective arm around her shoulders. Joy studied the man who had raped her. There was really nothing extraordinary about him; average height, average weight. Fairly good-looking, which surprised Joy. This man needed to rape to get sex? None of this made sense to Joy.

Jeremy placed a handkerchief in Joy’s hand, gently. She had been unaware that tears were streaming down her face.

Detective Mullins patted her on the back and led her and Jeremy back to the conference room. “You picked him Joy. He will be formally charged with aggravated rape and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The ADA intends to have him held without bond as he is a flight risk. Rest assured, Joy, we are going to do everything we can to convict this man. His name is Kyle Roberts; doesn’t ring any bells, does it Joy?”

“No, I don’t know anyone by that name. What does he say happened?”

“He admits to being in the park. Says he ‘found’ the knife and picked it up automatically, but then dropped it again when he say the blood. He has a ready answer for everything, even has a girlfriend. He comes from a wealthy, connected family, but they have been cleaning up after his messes since he was a teen. There are no other known sexual assaults, but he does have two other allegations of stalking, a couple of DUI’s, vandalism and one assault.”

“So he’s denying my assault?”

“Yes, but once we get the DNA analysis back; things will be open and shut on him.”

“If this is all, detective, I would really like to get out of here now.”

“Sure thing Joy; whatever you need. Get yourself healed and we’ll take care of things on our end. Jeremy can keep in contact with the ADA’s office to keep you updated.”

As she, Daniel, and Jeremy left the police station, The guys talked about ‘getting their man.’ If they only knew what stories that man could tell, it would pretty much knock the wind out of their sails, to say the least.


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