Chapter Eight

“What? Get off me.” Joy exclaimed as she fought against the nightmare. She sat up in bed. How had Daniel slept through that? Breathing hard and sweating, she threw the covers off her. She went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face and to help shake lose the images in her mind.

With Daniel still sleeping, she put on her robe and headed downstairs. Pouring herself a large glass of wine, she saw her hands shaking badly. She got two Xanax from her purse and washed them down with the wine. She sat back in the recliner and covered up with a throw, waiting for the effects of the pills and the wine to help calm her down.

She really wasn’t in a shopping mood tonight. The nightmare had her feeling pensive. She got her laptop out and googled ‘Kyle Roberts.’ There were too many hits to check, so she put in ‘Kyle Roberts and Williamstown.” There were over a hundred hits. A lot had to do with his legal troubles, but more were society pieces. This had her stumped. What made some rich society guy do what he had done to her?

She entered another search for ‘rape and sexual arousal.’ There were a couple dozen hit for this. She clicked on one and read. This article stated that approximately four to five percent of rape victims experienced an orgasm. It went on to compare the orgasm to a rush of adrenalin and the increase in heart rate; it was just a bodily reaction to the act of being raped.

If this was just a bodily reaction, why had she never heard of such a thing before now? Of all the stories she had ever heard told about a sexual assault, never once was sexual arousal mentioned; much less reaching orgasm.

She pondered the information as she sipped her wine. She wiped the computer browser; she doubted Daniel checked up on her, but why take the chance. She thought more on Kyle Roberts; if he was going the way of denying the rape, he certainly couldn’t bring up her reaction to it. She prayed he kept on denying. She could learn to live with the lie as long as Daniel never had to know.

“Joy? Honey? What are you doing up?” Daniel clicked on a lamp as he spoke.

“I had a pretty bad nightmare, so I came down here to chill out with a glass of wine.”

“Baby, you should have woke me; this is not something I want you going through alone. I am here and I want you to use me, damnit.”

“Well nice to know some things don’t change.” Joy said with a drool tone.

“Well nice to see you in a good humor, even when it’s at my expense. I meant I want you to let me in to help you deal with these things.” Daniel knelt in front of her and took her glass so he could take her hands in his. “I am here, loving you and just wanting you to heal.”

Joy leaned down and gently kissed Daniel on the mouth. “I love you too. And I want nothing more than to heal so we can get back to our life together.”

Daniel got up and pulled Joy up with him. “Let’s go back up to bed and see if you can catch a few winks before sunup.”


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Stay-at-home wife and mother of two. Senior student at Old Dominion University obtaining Bachelor's in Nursing and Bachelor's in Psychology. Favorite activities include reading, crocheting, and needlework, and of course writing.
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