Chapter Twelve.2

Joy called Maureen and found that Ben was napping, so she left him be for now. She honestly needed the time to process that therapist session. Dr. Mayer left her feeling deeply uneasy. How would she tell Daniel she couldn’t stand the therapist he recommended?

She kicked off her heels when she got home and went to the kitchen and poured a whopping glass of wine. She already felt a bit better breaking one of Dr. Mayer’s rules. As she sat down in her recliner, the phone rang. It was Daniel on caller ID.

“Hi, babe, how’s your day going?”

“It is dragging. I had a break in my schedule and I thought I would see how it went with Dr. Mayer.”

Joy must have been silent for a beat too long. Daniel asked immediately, “What Happened?”

“He was just a bit clinical. It was like he had a check-off list and he was making his way down it with me. His demeanor just put me off.”

“I’m sorry things didn’t gel for you. You know, it can take several visits before you really start to feel comfortable with a therapist, especially given your circumstances and you inherent shyness.”

“I don’t think this was a ‘me’ issue. The man has a certain creepy factor that I don’t know that I’ll be able to get past. How is he going to help me with my issues if I can’t feel comfortable with him?”

“Well, hon; I know this is all hard for you. You might consider giving him at least one more chance before throwing in the towel. I’ve known him professionally many years and he has had excellent results with patients, especially those who were victims of crime.”

Joy bit her lip. “Okay. I’ll try one more time with him. But if next week is anything like this one, it will be the last.”

“Did you discuss your newfound sexual awareness?” Daniel asked slyly.

“Good God, Daniel; you have got to be kidding. Having to share the details of the rape with him was awkward enough. I was sure as hell not going to discuss our sex life. Joy took a huge sip of wine.

“Baby, I am just giving you a hard time. It’s cool if e just keep this little tidbit to ourselves for now. Speaking of now, what are you wearing?”

Joy laughed. “Daniel, you dirty bird. I’m not wearing anything you would find alluring. But if you are really good, I’ll be sure to wear something extra special to bed tonight.”

“Deal. You have a great rest of your day and I’ll see you at dinner.” They exchanged good-bye sentiments, then hung up.

Joy picked up her glass and moved out onto the back patio. She was happy to hear from Daniel, but now she felt let down a bit that she would have to spend the whole day without him. After finishing her wine, she was sleepy, so she went up to her patio to take a quick nap.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” Joy heard Daniel from far off. What? Daniel wasn’t home. She pushed her hair out of her face as she sat up. Opening her eyes, she saw Daniel’s handsome face smiling at her.

“Daniel what are you doing here? What time is it? I must have fallen asleep.”

“it’s early yet. You sounded so dispirited earlier, I had Patricia work her magic with my schedule and now I have the afternoon free. And so do you; I talked to Mom and she is going to keep Ben for dinner. So I am here at you disposal.” Daniel said as he pushed a strand of Joy’s hair behind her ear.

Joy felt touched that Daniel would rearrange his whole day just to bring a smile to her face. The love she felt for him in this moment was over-whelming. She reached up and cupped his face while she leaned forward to place a loving kiss on his mouth. As the kiss continued, it deepened and Joy scooted closer to where Daniel sat.

“It’s like you read my mind; after talking to you I missed you terribly. I’m so glad you’re here.” She smiled and hugged Daniel close.

“Well, I know I will be making surprise visits in the future given the wonderful reception you have provided.” Daniel kicked off his shoes and laid Joy back down, catching her mouth with his again in a slow, sweet kiss.

Joy turned sideways, so her body was facing Daniel’s. She rubbed her hands up his chest and dove in for a passionate kiss. Daniel wrapped her in his arms and pulled her closer. Joy could feel his erection pressing against her abdomen, causing her to break out in a sweat. God knows her husband was a hot man. Where in the past she would have been to reserved to enjoy this amount of intimacy, she found she could not get enough of Daniel lately.

“Joy, is this okay for you? We can just cuddle if this is too intimate.” Daniel stroked her face as he spoke.

“No, I want this; I want to be with you.” She leaned in for a deep kiss, finding the nerve to reach down and stroke Daniel’s erection through his pants.

“God, Joy. You’re making me crazy. You know the doctor said we couldn’t have sex for two weeks.” Daniel said as he gently took her hand and placed delicate kisses on her inner wrist.

“Did you ever stop to think you were having the same effect on me?” Joy asked as she took her hand undid several buttons on Daniel’s shirt, and slid it inside to massage his hard chest. “Mm. You have such a fine body. I want to feel you body up against mine.”

“Joy whoa. We have got to stop. I won’t take the chance of hurting you by having sex too soon. I want you even more than you can imagine, but we need to put the brakes on this.” Daniel said as he held Joy’s had still to let her know he was serious.

“Didn’t you just tell me the other day about masturbation for a man and a woman? Can’t this be a mutually exclusive activity? What do you say?”

“I’d say you’re brilliant. As long as you’re sure this isn’t too much, too soon for you?” Daniel asked with a look of consternation on his face.

“I’m sure. I can’t think of anything better for me than my husband causing me to feel pleasure.” Joy stood and unbuttoned her blouse, slipping out of it. She then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She was left in a black lace demi bra and matching panties.

Daniel had sat up when she began undressing. Now he stood and placed a heated kiss on her mouth. H finished unbuttoning his shirt and took it off as Joy unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, leaving him in the boxer-briefs he preferred. While Daniel watched intently, Joy undid her bra and let is slid down her arms to the floor. Next she hooked her thumbs under her panties and slowly slid them down her hips, past her shapely legs, down to the floor. Taking the step to Daniel, she hooked his underwear on either side and pushed them down, placing little kisses and she removed them.

Daniel could take no more. He laid Joy down on the chaise and kissed one nipple as he hand massaged the other. He lay next to Joy so that on of his legs was between hers, and he could already feel her grinding against it. His hand slid down her body to delve between her lips to find her drenched. He tentatively rubbed his clitoris, causing Joy to moan in pleasure.

God, Daniel was driving her insane; this much pleasure is intoxicating. Feeling his hand on her was exquisite. She want to reciprocate, but found herself entranced by what her husband was doing to her.

“Joy is this too much? I don’t want to take this farther than you are ready for.” Daniel sat back so he could gage Joy’s response.

“No, Daniel; this is amazing. Please don’t stop.” Joy entreated Daniel to continue by sitting up and capturing his mouth in a steamy kiss.

“Joy, turn your body so your back is against my body; it will make it easier to reach you.”

Joy turned as he asked, feeling his throbbing erection on her rear end. Daniel wrapped on arm up around Joy’s neck so he could guide her mouth to his. Her buried his other hand deep within her lips so he could rub her clitoris. Joy gasped in pleasure, squirming back against Daniel’s body. “God, Daniel, this feels amazing.” She found she couldn’t not rub up against Daniel. The intensity reached a fevered rhythm until everything she was feeling shattered in intense pleasure.

Finally, feeling like she had recovered, Joy turned to Daniel and kissed him long and hard on the mouth. He moaned as she grasped his erection. She had an idea of what she wanted to do, but she wanted to make sure Daniel would be okay with it.

“Are you sure Joy? We can just get some lotion and do what we did in the shower.”

“Well, I can’t have vaginal sex, but what about oral sex?”

Daniel just stared at her for a moment. “Where in the world did you learn about oral sex?” asked Daniel.

“Sex & the City. I know you hated that show but I really did learn quite a lot from it.

“Why don’t you show me a little of what you learned.”

Joy gently held his dick with her hand so that she could place kisses and little licks on the head. She then took him slowly in her mouth, going down and taking a bit more each time she went down. From the moans and grinding that were going on, she guessed that some of what she was doing was right. She stopped to ask, “I can’t get you all in my mouth, is this good for you?”

“Joy, yes, it’s wonderful. Don’t stop.”

Joy went back to the ‘blow-job’ and soon Daniel was crying out, “I’m coming, Joy; I’m coming.” She felt the hot ejaculate hit the back of her throat and swallowed it. It was salty, like they said it would be. She then laid her head down on Daniel’s chest and waited for him to regain consciousness, so to speak.

“Are there any other tricks you’re hiding? ‘Cause I’ve got to tell you, that was absolutely fantastic.”

“I take it I did that right? And sorry, I don’t think there are any other secrets, uh; I mean tricks that I know of. I think I will head down for a refill on my wine.”

Down stairs with her fresh glass of wine, she sat in her recliner and clicked through channels. She settled on a cooking channel and then the tears took over. Things had been going so well until she slipped up and said ‘secret’ to Daniel. This damn secret was going to ruin her life. She went through her purse and got one of the pain killers out and took it. She needed numbness. Draining her glass, she got up and got a refill. She had just settled back down when she heard Daniel coming down. Joy was counting on the low light of the TV to keep Daniel from seeing her tearstains.

“Joy, come on, don’t you know I can tell when you’ve been crying? Please come back upstairs. I am sorry we took it that far; you are obviously not ready for that level of intimacy.”

“Please, Daniel. You have the wrong idea. I loved what we did together. I want to feel that level of intimacy in every part of our marriage. It is not the problem; the problem is me. The thoughts I cannot get out of my head ruins everything beautiful we have.” She sobbed the last of this.

Daniel was by her side in a second. He took her glass and took her hands in his. “Joy, as long as you enjoyed what we did together, then no bad memories can take that away from us. Why don’t you come back upstairs? I’m thinking of ordering a pizza from Pino’s.” His calming demeanor helped Joy compose herself.

“That actually sounds great. I’m going to take a quick shower before the pizza gets here.” Joy started to go up, but Daniel’s hands held her in place.

“Joy, did you really enjoy the sex? I know it was a bit unconventional, but I absolutely loved being with you in that way.”

“Daniel I cannot remember a time when I enjoyed it more. This may have been a bit out of the box, but I loved what we did together and cannot wait to do it again.” She kissed Daniel for all it was worth before she went up for a shower.


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