Chapter Thirteen

Monday morning came and Joy and Daniel saw their boy off for his first day of school. The moment was bittersweet for Joy; she was proud of her big boy but at the same time felt she was losing her baby boy. Daniel had scheduled off several hours for that morning. He knew it would be a special day for his boy, but also a hard morning for his mom.

“Joy, do you want me to freshen up your coffee?” Daniel asked as he got up to get more for himself. He took her cup and poured coffee and added cream and sugar.

“Thanks, baby. I know you’re hanging around because of me, so if you need to get into the office, go ahead. I promise not to have a breakdown.” Joy said wryly.

“Well, yes. I wanted to stick around and make sure you’re okay with Ben going off to school. Plus I wanted to make sure you’re going to be okay going back to see Dr. Mayer this morning. I know it seemed like twenty questions and then some last time, but we have to get an initial baseline of what’s going on with the patient.”

“Yes, I miss my baby. And no, I absolutely do not want to go back to Dr. Mayer.”

“Can I bribe you into going?” Daniel asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

“What do you have in mind, as if I can’t guess?” Joy said, feeling flushed all over.

“Oh, you are the one with naughty thoughts; I was going to offer a massage tonight. What do you have in mind?”

“A massage would be nice. A nice start, that is.” Joy said with a full out grin.

“Keep it up and you’ll be getting your wish now.” Daniel said seriously.

“I don’t know, a visit with Dr. Mayer or sex with you; how do I decide?” Joy said as if she were giving the choices serious contemplation.

“You want to make love?” Daniel asked softly, as if asking would make it not so.

“Yes. And I am going to see Dr. Katz today as well to get these sutures out. I am going to ask him if he thinks things have healed so we can do whatever we want.”

“Even if you’re physically healed, maybe we should take things a bit slower.” Daniel said with worry knitting his brow.

“Daniel, I want to be with you. Don’t you want to be with me?”

“Of course I do. I just don’t want to exceed you comfort zone, and I don’t think you know what your comfort zone is at this point. I say we just take it one step at a time, and don’t put all this pressure on us to seal the deal right away. I’d rather have slow and smolder than hurry and haste. Do you see what I mean?” Daniel asked with an earnestness that touched Joy.

“I do, and I agree.” Joy walked over to Daniel and slid her hand through his hair, resting her hand lightly on his shoulder. “But if we do get the green light and the mood should hit us just right, why sit back and play it safe? I’ve been waiting a long time to express how much I want our love life to change gears, and now that I have, I am ready for a little action.” She bent down and licked Daniel’s earlobe, and then took it into her mouth and gently sucked on it.

“For the love of mike, Joy. How am I going to concentrate at work with all that you’re doing?” He pulled Joy down onto his lap, where she could feel just how much her statements had made an impact. Giving her one last kiss on the neck, he stood her back up and stood himself. “I am going to leave for work now and hope the air conditioner on high ‘cools’ things down a bit. Call me and let me know how the doctors’ appointments go.”

“I will. And Daniel; don’t forget I’ll be thinking about you.” Joy said with a mischievous grin.


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Stay-at-home wife and mother of two. Senior student at Old Dominion University obtaining Bachelor's in Nursing and Bachelor's in Psychology. Favorite activities include reading, crocheting, and needlework, and of course writing.
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