Chapter Fourteen

Daniel had been a bit shocked that they had been given a green light, but Joy could detect the restrained excitement that he was trying to conceal. So he did want this as much as she did, mused Joy. She would have to plan their evening carefully to optimize the time they would have together once Ben went to bed.

Once home, she put on a pot of marinara sauce for spaghetti, Ben’s favorite dinner. Had to have a special dinner for a special day. She then baked some of his favorite chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

She threw in a load of laundry while at the same time she ran the dishwasher. Today was going to be a bare minimum of chore duty. She had special plans to make.

She went through her lingerie drawer to see what would tantalize Daniel. She had a new purple lace demi bra with a matching thong; she had been feeling risqué the day she was shopping for these items. Now that risqué would pay off.

She took a long hot soak in lavender sea salts. She shaved her body within an inch of its life. She spent extra time on washing and conditioning her hair. After wrapping her hair in a towel, she just laid back and enjoyed the soak.

Long after she pruned from the soak, she got out and dried off. She used her favorite lavender lotion to moisturize her entire body. Shaking out her hair, she used the large tooth comb to work through the length of her hair. She spent the time to not only dry her hair, but to run a flat iron through it to give it that smooth polished look. She didn’t normally wear make-up, but she did moisturize her face and put on a tad bit of mascara and colored lip balm.

She dressed in the sexy lingerie, and then covered it up with a fashionable track suit for picking up Ben.

After stirring the spaghetti sauce, she put the burner on low and left to pick up Ben. The pick-up line was a bit congested, but when her turn came there was Ben beaming at her.

“Mom. Mom. School is great. Mrs. Martin is a great teacher.” Ben enthused as he climbed in back and clicked into his car seat.

“Wow, I’m glad you had such a great day. Mommy had a good day too. We’re going to have spaghetti for supper.”

“Yum. What for dessert?”

“Monkey, how did you know I made you a dessert? If you must know I made your favorite chocolate chip cookies.” Joy said with a grin on her face. Her son never ceased to amaze her. “So, do you have homework?”

“No. Mrs. Martin is so great she said no homework for our first day. Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah, she sounds like a super teacher, monkey.”

By then they had reached home. Ben dropped his backpack on the coat tree bench and kicked off his new sneakers. He snuck a cookie on his way to the TV where SpongeBob was on.

It didn’t seem that much later that she heard Daniel come in, drop his briefcase on the bench and kick his shoes off. Joy could see just how much like father, like son they were as he sneaked a cookie before he went to check out how Ben’s day went.

After dinner, Joy gave Ben a bath and then Daniel took over with the stories. Joy used the time to clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher. As she washed her hands, she felt Daniel’s arms snake their way around her body.

“I love this sexy track suit; did you wear it just for me?” Daniel asked with a joking tone to his voice.

“No, but what I have on underneath is for you.” Joy said in a sultry voice.

“Oh? Now you have my curiosity aroused.”

“I hope that is not the only thing that will be aroused when you see it.”

Daniel turned Joy around. “Baby, you know we don’t have to do anything tonight, right?”

Joy looked to Daniel from beneath her eyelashes. “I know we don’t have to do anything. But what if I want to do something? Do you feel like trying?”

“Joy, hon. don’t doubt that I ever want to make love to you. I just don’t want to rush things. We have all the time in the world. What if we get into it and it triggers memories from the assault? You don’t need any more psychological trauma at this point.”

“Dr. Katz gave the okay Daniel. He wouldn’t have done that if he was concerned.”

“What did Dr. Mayer have to say about it?”

“Dr. Mayer and I are not on the same page.” Joy equivocated. “I don’t know that I want to keep seeing him. He is just so clinical; there’s no real warmth in him.” Joy was getting increasingly frustrated with Daniel’s reluctance to making love.

“Joy, you’re changing the subject. The impression I get is that Dr. Mayer thought it was a mistake for us to have sex now, and you disagreed with him. Something tells me the ‘clinical’ side you are seeing had to do with the resistance you are presenting as a patient.” Daniel said.

“Don’t you dare psychoanalyze me, Daniel Joel Jamison. I’m your wife, not your patient. And we had an agreement that you would never do this to me.” Joy said in a huff, tossing the kitchen sponge in its dish. “You don’t need to worry about having sex now. You’ve killed the desire I had in the first place.” Joy walked away from him and practically ran up the stairs to the bedroom. She nearly tore off her track suit, and was about to strip out of the lingerie for the shower when Daniel rushed into the room.

“Joy, baby, you look so sexy. Can’t you see it’s not that I don’t want you, but that I’m afraid of hurting you.” Daniel moved to Joy’s side and took her in his arms. She was stiff at first, but then she melted to his side. Daniel stroked her hair and murmured loving works in her ear.

“Daniel, why do you think I want to make love to you now?” Joy leaned back so she could look him in his eyes as she spoke.

“Joy, I know you love me and have enjoyed the sexual activities we’ve engaged in these last few nights. I know part of you really wants to make love. But I do think there is a small part of you that wants to have sex to put the rape out of your mind. Can you honestly tell me any different?” Daniel placed a hand against her cheek to soften his words.

“No, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. I want to make love because I want to be sexual with you. The more we are together, the more the rape becomes just a bad memory. We are having a true natural sexual relationship for the first time ever, and I find it very exciting. I never thought I would be able to let go of the reticence that had always held me back; but I have. It’s like having a new lease on life. Only no one will get out of the way and let me enjoy it.” Joy stepped away from Daniel and turned on the shower. “I’m just exhausted now. I am going to shower and go to bed.”

Once she showered and dressed for bed, she found she just wasn’t read to get into bed with Daniel. “I’m a little keyed up. I’m going downstairs for a glass of wine and a bit of TV.”

Downstairs in her favorite recliner with a large glass of her favorite wine, she clicked through the channels and found an old sitcom from the nineties. She took a hearty sip of the wine, thinking, how had the night disintegrated so badly? Was Daniel acting out of concern, or was there some other issue driving him? It is like he and Dr. Mayer had consulted. She would have given this idea serious consideration, but she knew Daniel better that that.


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