Chapter Sixteen

After an easy dinner of pizza, Joy cleaned up the kitchen while Daniel bathed Bed. Bed talked his Dad out of three stories before falling asleep. Joy was a bit nervous; she had downed two Xanax and poured a glass of wine waiting for Daniel. She drank heavily from the glass before noticing Daniel standing at the entrance to the patio frowning. He came to her and sat down, taking her hand as he did so.

“Joy, I had a couple of things I wanted to discuss with you tonight. I am going to start with the most obvious one; the amount of wine you’re drinking. I know you are under a lot of stress, but seeing you with a glass of wine this afternoon made me wake up and realize you are using wine as a crutch. As you continue to work with Dr. Mayer, you should learn some coping mechanisms so you don’t feel the need to quash down your feelings with a couple of glasses of wine.” His voice was matter-of-fact, no judgment or condemnation present.

Joy looked down at her lap. “So is this your form of an intervention?” She half-joked nervously.

“No, it’s not like that. I know you are stronger than this and I think this is turning into and easy habit. You are a better person than any bad habit.” Daniel said as he stroked her hand. “Besides, if we go ahead with our plans before the rape and try to have another baby, you would just have to stop drinking anyway.” He quickly glanced at Joy as he said this last part.

“Daniel, do you really think we’re in a place to be having another baby? Don’t get me wrong. I want another; I want to have several more, but I’m not sure this is the right time.” Joy said as she looked up into Daniel’s eyes.

“When would you like to try?”

“Well, I’m sure they are going to set a trial date anytime now. I’d like to wait until that is over. Plus I’d like to spend more time doing what we did this afternoon. I really enjoyed this afternoon with you. A lot. I would really like to explore that side of our relationship, wouldn’t you?” Joy has set her glass down and grabbed both of Daniel’s hands as she spoke.

“God, yes; Joy. It was fantastic. It’s so exciting to see you interested in that part of our relationship and I say, bring it on, baby.” Daniel looked at Joy with a twinkle in his eyes.

“You know, it wasn’t that I wasn’t interested. I just had so little experience and then bam, we had Ben, and then there was Ben…so I guess I just want to spend some time on ‘us’ before we bring another baby on board.” Joy said as she stroked Daniel’s arm.

“That’s the be idea either of us has had in quite a while. You’re an amazing woman, Joy.” Daniel swept her hair away from her face to place a very gentle kiss on her mouth. “How would you like a bath?” He asked as he cupped her face with his hands.

“I would say a definite ‘yes’ if you are joining me.” She looked from beneath her lashes to judge his reaction; his smile spoke volumes.


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Stay-at-home wife and mother of two. Senior student at Old Dominion University obtaining Bachelor's in Nursing and Bachelor's in Psychology. Favorite activities include reading, crocheting, and needlework, and of course writing.
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