Chapter Sixteen.2

Once they had made it into the tub, Joy rested her back against Daniel’s chest.

“This is nice. Never knew bubbles could be so sexy.” Daniel said as he ran his fingers up and down Joy’s arms. He ran his hand down to her abdomen, only to have his hand intercepted. Joy turned over in the tub so now they were facing.

She cupped Daniel’s face with her hands and kissed him passionately. “I heard what you were saying about the wine earlier, and I will work on it. As sexy as this bath is, I say let’s continue this in bed.”

Dried off and in bed, Daniel got Joy’s lavender lotion and poured a good amount in his hands. “Roll over, hon, and I’ll rub your back.” Joy complied and Daniel straddled her bottom and massaged the lotion onto her back and shoulders, rubbing down onto her bottom. “Now turn over and I’ll get your front.” Daniel said with a voice husky with passion.

Joy turned over to find her husband fully erect and eyes dark with lust. As he rubbed the lotion warmed by his hands into her breasts and down her abdomen, she felt a throbbing in her pussy unlike anything she had ever felt before. She reached down to stroke Daniel’s erection, eliciting a groan from him.

“Joy that feels great but you are driving me crazy. I want you.” He reached down between her lips to find her drenched. He spread her legs and guided his cock into her.

Joy moaned in pleasure and brought her legs up around Daniel to urge him on. At first his thrusts seemed tentative, but as she kissed him passionately and urged him on with pressure from her legs, his strokes became stronger and surer.

Daniel and Joy maintained a steady eye contact. As Joy moaned with pleasure, Daniel said, “come for me baby. Come for me.”

Joy closed her eyes and arched her back as her orgasm overcame her and she moaned out with each wave of it.

Watching this proved too much for Daniel as he was crying out with his own climax next.

As they lay intertwined catching their breath, Daniel said to Joy, “yeah, I want a lot more of this too.”


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