Chapter Sixteen.4

Sitting in her car after the therapy session, Joy was shaking with mostly anger, and a little fear of Daniel finding out her secret. How dare Dr. Mayer practically insist she tell Daniel about that aspect of the assault? He was supposed to be there to help her heal, not dictate the terms of her marriage. And what had he meant by ‘all I have to offer you?’ This therapy was bordering on the ridiculous.

She started the car and pulled out, not sure where she was going. There was nothing pressing at home. It would be hours before Ben got out of school. Maybe she’d stop by Daniel’s office, see if he was free for lunch. She hadn’t done that in ages.

As she parked on the street, she saw Daniel speaking to a beautiful brunette outside his office. She had to be a patient; Joy would give him a minute to wrap up with her. Just as she was getting out of the car, she saw the woman leaning into Daniel in only a way that a lover would. She waited for the woman to get into her car and leave, and then she walked up to Daniel, taking him by surprise.

“Joy. How pleasant it is to see you here. I just finished up with a patient so why don’t you come in; I have a free hour now.” Joy silently followed Daniel back to her office. When he closed the door, he tried to embrace Joy, to no avail.

“Daniel, that woman outside was no patient. What is going on?”

“Joy, hon, it’s not what it must have looked like. Until the last couple of weeks, we had basically a platonic marriage. I’ll admit I met her for lunch a couple of times. And yes, I considered doing more. But then you blow me away with this new intimacy and all I can think about now is when I can be with you again. Please don’t let this mess up what we have gotten going. I know I almost messed up big, but I swear, it will never happen again. Today I told her we could never see each other again, that I only had feelings for my wife.” Daniel looked at Joy earnestly, seeking her forgiveness.

“I can’t believe you were thinking about having an affair; I never knew how bad things actually were…” Joy burst into tears.

Daniel moved in immediately to hold her. “Baby, I’m sorry. Please let me make this up to you.” He said as he gently stroked her back.

“The fact that you didn’t cheat is all that matters. I’m sorry; I just had an awful session with Dr. Mayer, and then I saw you with her…” Joy chocked back her tears.

“I’m sorry this is what you had to see when you were coming to me for support. Joy I love you so much, please forgive me.”

“Daniel, I really love you too and of course I forgive you. Can we sit down?” They moved to the sofa with their arms around each other.

Joy reached up and brushed Daniel’s hair back, looking deeply into his eyes.

Daniel bend down his head and lightly kissed Joy on the mouth. He was mildly surprised when she licked his bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. Just as their kiss became full-on steamy, Joy groaned.

She looked at Daniel and said, “forty-five minutes is just not enough time for what I want to do.”

Daniel chuckled. “Maybe my parents will watch Ben if you deliver him with Dad’s favorite pizza. I can be out of here at four and meet you back at the house. Sound like something you’d be interested in?”

“Definitely. Call your parents now.”


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