Chapter Seventeen.2

“So Jeremy, what all can Joy expect from this process?” Joy and Daniel sat in Jeremy’s office. It was redolent of a study; low lighting and dark wood.

“Joy is the key witness and will be treated with kid gloves. The ADA assigned to the case is Paul Stevens. He’s good; he’ll get the job done. In a couple of weeks he will meet with Joy and go over the testimony already on record. He may need to consult with Joy as the need arises. As far as the trial goes, Joy will be sequestered until she gives her testimony. But this will be early in the ADA’s case so Joy will be in Steven’s back seat for most of the trial. The same goes for the detective involved. There will be expert testimony for fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis, and so on. Then when Paul has wrapped up his case, the defense attorney will put on their case. Not that he has a valid one, but these guys will throw up just about anything and see what sticks to the wall. Do you have any questions?” Jeremy asked as he leaned back in his leather chair.

“Can he lie?” Joy asked.

“Lie?” Jeremy parroted.

“Yes, can he make up any old story to try and explain why he did it?” Joy asked nervously.

“Well, anything is possible but he can also be brought up on charges of perjury if he does. Is there some aspect that is concerning you?” Jeremy asked, sitting forward in his chair.

“Well he faces prison. He’s had plenty of times to come up with a reason to excuse his behavior, and why shouldn’t he because it is prison or not.” Joy entreated.

“Joy, I know this is nerve-wracking and I cannot imagine being in your place. Just trust in the system; it works almost all of the time.” Jeremy shared a look with Daniel.

“Almost all the time is not reassuring me, Jeremy.” Joy stared down at her hands.

“Joy, I know this is hard,” said Daniel. “Maybe this is something you can explore with Dr. Mayer and he can help with your anxiety.”

“You know how I feel about Dr. Mayer. And there is only so much stress relief anyone can offer in this situation. Jeremy, is there a possibility of a plea arrangement?” Joy looked to Jeremy with a look of determination.

“Joy, this is not a plea case. The prosecution has an open and shut case. He is not going to plea it down because you have cold feet. I’m not trying to be dismissive of your feeling. We all want to do what we can to see you through this process. Hasn’t this doctor gone over some anxiety relieving techniques with you?”

“Yeah, but meditation is only going to help me so much. I don’t think I can possibly be a very compelling witness like this. Joy stated with the determination of a women with her back against a wall.


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