Chapter Eighteen.2

Joy sat with a cup of tea and thought about all she and Deanna had discussed. She felt badly for everything Deanna had been through. She also felt badly for lying to her; she just couldn’t bear the humiliation that would ensue if she shared that detail with anyone. How is anyone going to believe it was rape when she had an orgasm?

Not able to stomach these thoughts any longer, Joy got up and made preparations for dinner. She decided to go for the easy everyone’s favorite; spaghetti. She had a pot of sauce on before she picked up Ben.

When they got home, the house smelled wonderful. Joy looked over as Ben did his homework sheet. He was such an industrious worker; so much like his father. She let him go watch his favorite after-school show while she took a nice hot shower. She had already downed two Xanax for the tension of the afternoon.

She dressed in a blue lace teddy under an old college sweatshirt and jeans. Something interesting for Daniel to find after Ben goes to bed.

Daniel got home and took a shower while Joy cooked the noodles and tossed a salad. They all sat down and discussed their day. Well, maybe Joy left some out; better for all.

Daniel helped Ben with his bath while Joy cleaned up the kitchen. She was just finishing up when she felt Daniel walk up behind her and whispered, “I know you secret.” Whirling around, Joy found Daniel with a smirk on his face.

“What do you mean?” Joy asked as her heart was thudding out of her chest.

“Silly, if you don’t want me to know you have some silky confection on under those clothes, then don’t leave the tags in the bathroom wastebasket.” He said with a goofy grin on his face.

“Oh. Yeah. Well now you’ve ruined your surprise.” Joy said in utter relief.

“Hardly, I’ve got a surprise to unwrap. Come on over her.” Daniel took her hand and pulled her up against him.

“Oh, Daniel. I do believe you are getting started before I do.” Joy said with a sly smile as she felt his hardness through their clothes.

He rubbed up against her. “It’s your fault entirely, leaving such damning evidence for me to find. I could hardly make it through Ben’s nightly stories thinking about you. Now, unless you want me to take you on the kitchen floor, I suggest we go upstairs.” He took her hand and pulled her behind him up to their bedroom, where Daniel turned around and grabbed her around the waist and kissed her deeply. “I love you Joy. You have made me so happy. Now make me happier and strip out of those clothes.” He said as he sat on the end of the bed, ready to see what she had on.

“Oh, if you insist, just sit back and enjoy the show.” She pushed Daniel further back so that he was resting on his elbows on the bed. Joy climbed up onto the bed and stood with Daniel between her legs. She slowly peeled the sweatshirt off, revealing the top part of a cerulean blue teddy with spaghetti straps and lace insets. Next she slid her pants down her long, shapely legs, showing a high cut teddy that molded to her bottom. She kicked the pants free and fell to her knees over Daniel. She leaned down slowly and kissed him ever so lightly on the mouth.

That was all the prompting Daniel needed. He sat up enough to pull his tee shirt over his head, and laid back to encourage Joy to take the lead.

Joy was on him immediately, kissing his collar bond, down his chest, and further down his abdomen before Daniel stopped her.

Daniel freed her hair from its clip and fanned her hair out around her shoulders. He kissed her neck while he cupped a breast. He pushed a strap away, exposing her breast, which he took into his mouth.

Joy ran her hands through Daniel’s hair and bent down to kiss deeply from his mouth. She then pushed his pants down and he kicked them free. She lay directly on top of Daniel, as he ran his hand up and under her bottom.

When he reached between her legs, he was surprised to find snaps. Not waiting for an invitation, he popped the snaps, giving him all access. His fingers four her hot and very wet.

She moaned into his mouth as he continued to rub and probe her. “Not so fast, I want to taste you tonight.” Joy said as she slid down Daniel’s body and used her hands and her mouth on his cock.

Daniel was panting from the attention but soon found it too intense and he wanted to pleasure Joy before he reached his climax. He kissed her mouth before moving down between her legs. He used his hands to open her up and licked her at her core. He inserted several fingers into her and then sucked on her clitoris. Joy came with such ferociousness that he was taken aback. He moved back up her body and slid into her silky warmth. They kissed and touched and made love until Daniel came with a loud moan.  They lay their together, spent, sweat drying on their skin.

“Daniel, that was so amazing. Every time I think you’ve done the most pleasurable things to me, you up and surprise me with something new. My orgasm has never been that intense.” Joy said as she brushed the hair off of Daniel’s face. This was more than she had ever hoped for.

“Joy, you have made me so happy. Why do you think it took us this long to figure out how to love each other the way we are meant to?” Daniel stroked her cheek as he gazed deeply into her eyes.

“Well, we’ve already touched on why our sex life was so stunted. And I know having that knife at my throat made me realize just how much I wanted to live; I mean really live. I wanted this with you long before the rape. I’m just sorry it took such a life altering event to make me realize I had to act the get the things I wanted; a happier you, Ben, and me.” Joy’s arm rested on Daniel chest as she spoke, and she played with his chest hair as she talked.

“Are you truly happy now Joy?” Daniel continued to gaze into Joy’s eyes.

“Yes, baby. I am truly one hundred percent happy now, Daniel.”


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