Chapter Twenty.2

They had Thanksgiving dinner at Daniel’s parents’ house, as usual. Joy had cooked and baked the day before so that they would have their own leftovers for the coming days.  Joy had always agreed to dinner at the Jamison’s as she didn’t want to be selfish with her son; she and Daniel went out of their way to share him freely with his grandparents. Dinner at their house had always been on of those days to look forward to every year.

When they got home that evening, Joy noticed there were a couple of differently wrapped presents under the tree. Upon further inspection, she could see they were from Daniel, for her.

“Are you trying to sneak a peek already?” Daniel asked in a provoking manner.

Joy hit her head up against the bottom of the tree as she must have jumped three feet off the floor. “Geez, Daniel. Scare your wife into a premature heart attack, why don’t you?” Joy scolded as she scooted back from under the tree to find her husband standing over her in lounge pants only. That was one magnificent sight. “I take it Ben fell right off to sleep?” Joy asked as she stood and shook the spruce needles out of her hair.

“Yeah, it’s just you and me blondie. You want to fool around? Right here, by the glow of the tree?” Daniel entreated by circling her waist with his arms and pulling her close for a soft kiss. “We could play ‘mommy kissing Santa Claus’ if you want.”

“Daniel, you dirty bird, you’ll use any excuse to get into my pants these days.” Joy smiled playfully.

“Funny, I never get any real protest from you. Leads me to think you like it as much as I do.” Daniel taunted as he began unbuttoning her blouse. “Oh, black lace; someone was planning early today.” Daniel looked down to see Joy blushing. “You know, it looks so much better if I sit back and let you take off your clothes.” Daniel said as he sat back in the recliner with an expectant look on his face.

As Daniel looked on, Joy finished unbuttoning the blouse she was wearing, letting it slide off her shoulders and down her arms until it dropped to the floor. She unsnapped and unzipped her skirt and let that fall to her ankles, where she used her heel to kick it aside. The view that she left was her pale skin being highlighted by the Christmas tree bulbs in a black lace demi-bra, a very narrow lacy strip of a thong, and a black lace garter holding up her sheer black hose encased in black leather high heels.

Daniel was at a loss for words. He had never seen his wife look sexier. With her long blonde hair flowing down her back and over her arms, she looked better than any lingerie model he’d ever seen.

Joy walked over to him, feeling just a bit nervous. She put one foot up on the chair between Daniel’s  legs and said, “can you help a lady out of her hose?”

Daniel finally found his voice. “Hell no. I’ll help you lose the bra and panties, but those garters, hose, and heels stay on, baby.”

“Have it your way.” Joy said as she unsnapped her bra and let it slide down her arms to the floor. She daintily slipped the thong down her hips and let that fall to the floor as well. “I think you need to lose some clothes, Daniel.” Joy said as she stood there in all her glory for him to see.

Daniel stood and slipped out of his lounge pants. There had been no underwear, so Joy was treated to the view of his very large engorged cock. Joy signaled for him to sit back down so she could give him head.

“Sorry babe, not tonight. You have me so worked up I would pop like a cork. Why don’t you lay back near the tree?” As they both lay back on the floor, Daniel’s erection brushed Joy’s leg, causing her to shiver with anticipation. Daniel kissed her passionately on the mouth as his hand roamed down to her soaking wet pussy. His mouth soon followed his hand as his tongue delved into her crevice lazily. He ran his hand up her stocking-clad leg and gave her rear a smack that had just enough sting to it to sizzle.

Oh. My. God, thought Joy. How could something so naughty feel so good? Daniel’s tongue on her clit with his finger in her pussy was driving her insane; her legs were shaking with desire.

Before she could come, Daniel stopped the oral sex and replaced her fingers with his cock. At first Joy was poised to protest, but settled back down when he slid his thick penis into her up to the hilt.

“Joy, I want you to concentrate. I want you to stoke your climax so that we can come at the same time. That means you’ve got to control yourself and hold back until I’m ready. Can you do that, baby?” Daniel whispered huskily in her ear.

“Y-yes. You feel so good tonight Daniel. You’re going to drive me out of my mind.”  Joy murmured to him.

“Joy, hon. Look up into my eyes.” When he had her attention, he said, “come for now Joy.”

Staring deeply within Daniel’s lust filled gaze, Joy felt her climax spill over with wave after wave of pleasure. Daniel’s own climax must have been as equally gratifying, as he lay spent beside her.

“That was so intense; I can’t believe how it just keeps getting better and better, Daniel.” Joy said as she looked over at her very handsome husband.

Daniel opened his eyes and met Joy’s. “This does seem to be exceeding even what I have ever known. Just another sign that we were meant to be together, babe. And that garter belt’s are indeed a good thing.” He smiled as he said this, little crinkles forming in the out corners of his eyes.

“Yeah, speaking of which, maybe we should take this and out ‘personal’ belongings upstairs before we get caught under Ben’s Christmas tree.” She sat up and grabbed her clothing and got up to go for a shower. Daniel grabbed his pants and followed.

After they had showered and dressed for bed, they snuggled together in the darkened room. They were both aware that next week preparations began for the trial and life would not be so carefree again soon.


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